Lung Water

By Ruby Donohoe

Friday 12 October         All night
Saturday 13 October         All night

LUNG WATER is a multi-modal series of installation, dance, and text-based work drawn from Ruby Donohoe’s full-length theatre work (of the same name) currently in development with PlayLab’s Incubator Program. LUNG WATER is a torrential prayer to melting ice, melting bodies, and the futile beauty and rage of entanglement. Ruby’s work tends to the rising tides of annihilation and skids through the spine of Western Medicine, an elderly Buddhist Punk manifesto rally, romantic severing, a war declared against the sea, bodily invasions, a Herzog volcano documentary, a visit from Duchamp, avenged pilgrims, and the perils of trying to sell a mirror on Craigslist. 


Please note: this performance takes place outdoors.