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2019 Program

With media sources no one can trust and algorithms dictating our content, what can we do to cut through the white noise to better understand each other’s experiences?

In 2019, we step outside of the echo chamber and into each others living rooms. Developing our understanding of the lived experience of our peers throughout the world.

Building bridges and growing our empathy one new friend at a time.

Putting to rest the fake news and dumb views bombarding our feeds.


Backbone's programming is as diverse as the community we serve.


Regular Events

An eclectic collection of Backbone-hosted fundraisers, open-mic, and scratch nights.

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Workshops at Backbone

Backbone can support you in exploring your practice with a diverse range of workshops and professional development opportunities for artists under 30.

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Want to hire our venue?


Become a Backbone Member

Backbone welcomes applications from the community to become our members. Backbone members receive benefits such as discounted venue hire, discounted tickets to Backbone operated events, and more.

Applications are considered and approved by the Management Committee on a monthly basis.  The annual cost of membership is $10.


Donate to Backbone

Backbone is the only arts organisation in Brisbane fully dedicated to developing young talent. As such, we are incredibly grateful to the community that supports us in all that we do.

All of our donations contribute to the running of our programs, improving our services and resources, and keeping our organisation alive! Our donors are a vital component to the organisations’ ongoing sustainability.

Backbone is an incorporated not for profit with DGR status. That means every donation you make over $2 is completely tax-deductible.




Make a secure online donation using the button above or via direct deposit using the following information:

Backbone Youth Arts Association

BSB: 034-008

Account number: 294053

Reference: (your full name)

For a receipt for taxation purposes please email us at

Volunteer at Backbone

At Backbone we absolutely loves our volunteers: they help make everything possible. We are happy to ensure that our volunteers are learning from their experiences at Backbone, and will provide experiences accordingly. The time you donate to us is incredibly valuable, and we recognise that your time is valuable to you, too.

If you are interested in Backbone and would like to volunteer some of your time with us, please get in touch at