You Can’t Take Me

Sexual violence is something that we just cannot continue to ignore. The statistics tell it all with almost 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men having experienced sexual violence, sexual assault, or threats since the age of 15.

But it’s also something that still remains hidden for fear of retribution, shame, fear and for many, many other reasons.

You Can’t Take Me sees a small group of Queensland songwriters who have experienced sexual violence embark on a songwriting journey to put their personal stories into song.

Image by Marsel

Image by Marsel

The six songwriters Deb Suckling, Carly Tennant, Melissa J Evans, Kendall Layt, Kali Blunt and Ilona Harker are coming together to share their stories and create songs to highlight the extent of sexual violence in our diverse communities, but to also look at how arts and creation can assist in recovery and how speaking up about trauma can be the most important step in the road to recovery and taking back ownership of ourselves, our bodies and our minds..

The artists involved with this project come from a number of different social and cultural backgrounds. The songs will be recorded – with a special performance being held at Backbone Youth Arts, East Brisbane Bowls Club on Sunday April, 28th 2019 at 3.00pm.

The group will also work with other people who have experienced sexual violence who wish to use song and music and visual arts to express their journey. People who would like to share their stories can submit them anonymously below. All details will be completely confidential unless specified otherwise.

Project Manager Deb Suckling who started the #noton initiative in the music industry says “This project, whilst being hugely confronting for each of us involved in reliving our experiences, is also so important. The bravery shown by Kendall, Melissa, Carly, Ilona and Kali to be a part of this is so inspiring and we really hope to inspire others to tell their stories and hopefully this might help other victims in their recovery.”

This project is being supported by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women as part of their Sexual Violence Prevention Grants program.


would you like to use song, music and visual art to express your story with sexual violence? you can anonymously submit your story below.

Use the area below to share your story. This can take whatever form you choose: poetry, lyrics, words, thoughts, ideas. You can keep it as anonymous as you choose. This submission is treated with the upmost respect, and the original message will only be shared with the six song writers working on this project. Please note that your story may appear in music, song, and visual art at the showing on Sunday April, 28th 2019 at 3.00pm. If you have any guidelines for your story, please include them here.
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