Ride at Valley Fiesta

Ride at Valley Fiesta


You're standing on the footpath. A text you received earlier today told you to meet here. You wait. A few other people are with you - it seems they got the same message. *Ding* You get another text: it’s time to go find the party. You hear the humming of the car before you see it pull up. You call SHOTGUN! Get in. The others shove over. We’re going for a ride tonight. Can you hold the wheel? Gotta find the AUX cord. Yeah I love this song too. This is Ride.

**Please note: Group bookings are limited to four people due to vehicle size - and there are no guarantees that you will ride with the same group for the whole event. Should this be a problem please contact us. If you wish to make a larger booking please book in groups of four or less. You will be asked for each passengers mobile phone number so that we can provide instructions, so please be prepared when you begin your booking. **

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Ride is a brand new, unmissable work that immerses you in a series of stories, moments and encounters about cars and the spirit of adventure and freedom they provide.

Created by the Backbone Ensemble and led by award-winning theatre maker Lucas Stibbard, passengers for Ride will meet drivers in secret locations around Fortitude Valley to kick off their evening listening to music, talking, singing, dancing and fighting over the AUX cord as they journey to the Chinatown Car Park on the hunt for a party.

What are you waiting for? Jump in.

Friday 31st of August - Start Time 6:30PM
Friday 31st of August - Start Time 7:45PM
Friday 31st of August - Start Time 8:45PM

Saturday 1st of September - Start Time 6:30PM
Saturday 1st of September - Start Time 7:45PM
Saturday 1st of September - Start Time 8:45PM

SHOW DURATION: 60 minutes