Past Works



During Backbone Festival: How Soon Is Now 2018, 16 young artists had the chance to work with internationally renowned Younes Bachir (previously of La Fura Dels Baus) for two weeks. With the help of Strings Attached (Sydney) the group worked under the facilitation of Younes to create a performance responding to the global refugee crisis. The performance uniquely worked with the venue’s outdoor space, with the performance taking place on the rooftop of our building as well as on a 40 meter crane over the building and greens. Audiences gathered on the greens, in the streets, and watched from their balconies. 


Younes Bachir, Strings Attached, Tara Pattenden, Carla Ori, Sampson Smith, Ashleigh Djokic, Patrick McGreevy, Jamee Campbell, Daniel Gough, Eli Victoria Free, Ruby Donohoe, Stephen Quinn, Esther Dougherty, Sarah Stafford, Gina Limpus, Karleigh Honeybrooke, Cloe Fournier, Madeleine Kinraid, Maja Hanna, Katherine Quigley.



Ride is a performance work developed by the 2018 Backbone Ensemble where audiences are invited to hear and share stories performed in vehicles. Ride has been shown at Valley Fiesta 2018, and Backbone Festival: How Soon Is Now.


Damian Tatum, Sean McCarthy, Ruby Donohoe, Jasmin Flynn, Gina Tay Limpus, Ben Mostert, Eli Free, Bailey Smart, Liv Brand, Christopher Paton, Persephone Hitzke-Dean, Indiah Morris, Georgia Politakis, Kristin Sparks, Julia Bardetta, Riley Finn Anderson, Tyler Harris, Bella Scattini, Tiana Jade, Vivienne Abitia, Kurtis Laing, Claire McFadeyn,  Stephanie Elliot, Alice England, Nathaniel Young.

Mini Change Makers.jpg

Mini Change Makers

Presented as a part of Youth Week 2018, Mini Change Makers is a workshop framework that asks young people aged 7 - 17 about what causes they care about, and how they would like to make change happen. In 2018, a group of 3 young people participated the first Mini Change Makers, choosing the environment as their topic. They participated in a week-long series of workshops under the facilitation of Katherine Quigley, meeting with community leaders such as Jonathan Sri. Over the week, the participants developed The Adani Show which included theatre, video art, memes, and trivia. This work was also presented at the Brisbane Writers Festival in September.


Katherine Quigley, Ashleigh Djokic, Nevin Howell, Stephen Quinn, Rosey Maffey Bland, Riley Maffey Bland and Jackson Maffey.


Their Name Liveth For Evermore

Step back in time to experience Their Name Liveth For Evermore, a deeply moving look at the lives and histories of a selection of young World War One soldiers that found their final resting place in the Toowong Cemetery. 

A collaboration between Backbone Youth Arts, Brisbane City Council and Friends of Toowong Cemetery, Their Name Liveth For Evermore allows the audience to explore the picturesque and harrowingly beautiful Toowong Cemetery, while being accompanied by original performance, storytelling, songs and beautiful lighting.

Their Name Liveth For Evermore has been performed in 2017 and 2018.


Written and Directed by: Chris Beckey
Project Manager: Deb Suckling
Stage Manager: Deb Suckling & Kaitlin Panagiris
Video Artist: Octavio Castellanos
Costume Designer: Sarah Winter

2017 CAST:

Lucinda Shaw, Max Busoli, Nathaniel Franco, Brodie Greenhalgh, Liam Olorenshaw, Maddy Prebble, Stephen Quinn, Oscar Thorp



Writer: Chris Beckey
Producer: Stephen Quinn
Costume Design: Sarah Winter

2018 CAST:

Ron Kelly, Ben Mostert, Cameron Clark, Georgia Politakis, Kurtis Laing, Bella Scattini, Stephanie Elliot, Stephen Quinn

Other past works include:

  • Mind-Craft-Drama-Mod

  • An Experiment with The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Marcel Dorney)

  • An Experiment with Waiting for Godot (Marcel Dorney)

  • The Box, Paradise The Musical

  • And a massive back-catalogue from 30 years of work in performing arts.