Upcoming Productions

Backbone is always working with local artists to create great new Australian works.

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Like, Share, comment below

Music by Jeremy Neale

Like, Share, Comment Below is a new coming of age musical that dives head first into the existential dread that fills our lives when we make any kind of mistake online. It’s the conversation you never wanted shared, the moment you didn’t want to last forever, the meme you did not intend to become.

Like, Share, Comment Below is a work being developed in collaboration with young artists, investigating how the fear of infinite infamy has impacted our behaviour, our clothing choices, and our lives forever.

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The adani show

The Adani Show was developed through the Mini Change Makers framework in 2018. This process saw three 10 - 12 year olds collaborate with artists under 30 working in performance, projection, animation, and social change to develop a work that spoke about environmental issues this generation will face as they grow older. This is where The Adani Show was born, mixing music, performance, video work, and even trivia to create a wholistic show.

The show is currently being developed for touring.