Workshops In Schools

Backbone Youth Arts operates in our venue and out in the community. Our team has developed a range of in-school workshop options that respond directly to your educational needs.


Resident Artists

Our facilitators are available to come into schools and create work with your students. This is Backbone’s specialty: creating devised work with children and young people. Our collaborative approach is responsive to the themes and ideas your school community wants to explore—in other words, we’ll tailor our content to your needs.



Battling with Brecht? Antagonised by Absurdism? Feeling gloomy about the Australian Gothic?

A visit to your classroom from a key industry professional will bring your curriculum unit to life, and Backbone can make it happen!

Workshops can be provided in all areas of the drama curriculum and can be taught in a time frame that suits you: from the length of a single class, to a series of workshops undertaken over a number of weeks.


Professional Development

In 2018 Backbone is offering a number of professional development opportunities for educators, drawing from our extensive experience in working and communicating with young people in theatre, performance, and the arts.


Dr. Sarah Winter Designer and Immersive and Installation specialist - Medea and Snow White Brisbane Festival Theatre Republic, The Escapists.

Kat Henry Director Constellations, Orphans, Wind In The Willows and Stella Electrica Performance Company.

Leon Cain Award winning Actor - The 39 Steps, Away, The Wishing Well and internationally trained clown.

Jason Glenwright Award winning Lighting Designer - Rumour Has It, I Just Came To Say Goodbye and King Richard III.

Dr Jeremy Neideck Writer, Director and Performer of the citically acclaimed Brisbane Festival hit Underground and Laser Beak Man. 

Justin Palazzo Orr President of the SAFDi Australia's peak body for stage combat and fight choreography. 

Helen Howard QLD Leading Actor, Writer and Accent Coach - The Wishing Well, A Beautiful Life, The Drowning Bride.

Lucy Fox, Ell Sachs and Laura Trenerry Award Winning internationally trained clowns that performs with the Travelling Sisters.

Belinda Locke Recipient of the ROse Byrne Scholarship from ATYP and acclaimed Theatre Maker and expert Access and Disability Arts. 

Elise Grieg Brisbane stage favourite and leading Voice-Over ARtist.

Dan Anderson Lighting Designer St Mary's In Exile, Oedipus Doesn't Live Here Anymore, 7 Stages of Grieving and Underground.

Kate Wild Director - The Seagull, Splendour, A Slight Ache, The Lover.

Josh Donellan Award winning Poet and Author - Killing Adonis and Zeb and the Great Ruckus. 

Justin Harrison AV and Sound Designer - Orbit, My Name is Jimi and Laser Beak Man.

David Burton Award winning Author, Playwright and Director - How  To Be Happy, April's Fool, Orbit, The Landmine Is Me, St Mary's In Exile The Voice In The Walls.

Tom Larkin Award winning Actor Romeo and Juliet, True West, Macbeth, Hamlet. 

Kerith Atkinson Award winning Actor Motherland, Mako Mermaids, The Lost Property Rule. 

Michael Futcher Award winning Director - The Wishing Well, A Beautiful Life, The Drowning Bride, Grimm Tales, mThe Glass Menagerie and Matrix Theatre.

Anna Straker Pupeteer, Maker and Performer The Wider Earth, The Harbinger, Pipsqueaks. 

Louise Brehmer Acclaimed ACtor and Theatresports/Improvisation expert - The Longest Minute, Australia Day, The Lost Property Rules.

Neridah Waters Acclaimed Performer, Choreographer and Clown - The Brides of Frank, Lala Parlour's Tarnished, The Escapists, Common People Dance Project.

Lucas Stibbard Award winning Theatre-Maker boy girl wall, Constellations, Grimm Tales, Eating Ice-Cream With Your Eyes Closed, The Seagull, Macbeth, Hamlet.

For more information contact Backbone Youth Arts Producer Lucas Stibbard at or fill out the form below.