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The Baddest Bowls Club in Brisbane

We’re bad at bowls…
But we’re great at art


Scroll down to find out more about how you can support the transformation of the Baddest Bowls Club in Brisbane.

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We need your help to raise $50,000 to transform the accessibility of the Baddest Bowls Club in Brisbane.

Since getting the keys to the old East Brisbane Bowls Club at the end of 2016, Backbone has gone through a lot of transformation; transforming as an organisation, and transforming the opportunities available for young artists in Brisbane. Now it’s time to transform the space.

We believe that everyone needs a place to belong, play and create. For a space that says yes to new ideas - and we know that we can't be that place until changes are made to this little place we call home.

We need your help to open this world up to everyone.


Stage one venue renovation plans.

We've raised 65% of the total phase one renovation costs. Please help us reach our goal of $50,000 to complete this important transformation.

$50,000 will enable us to transform:


  • New main doors for the venue

  • Concrete ramp from Lytton Road into the venue

  • Concrete deck around the front of the venue

  • Concrete ramp up to secondary entry point


  • Six new unisex toilet stalls

  • Accessible toilet stall

  • Baby change room

  • Accessible shower

  • Change room


  • Enlarged office area

  • New kitchenette

  • New meeting room/ hot desk area

Check out the plans for a visual on how these changes will transform the space, and change the accessibility.


Digitised plans from Studio Apparatus