Backbone Festival Team


backbone festival is curated and executed by a team of young producers. this is the training ground for the next generation of cultural leaders.



With media sources no one can trust, corporates compromising our everyday standpoints at every turn, what can we do to better understand each other?

Opening up dialogue about experiences of disadvantage, Backbone’s 2019 program creates opportunities for young artists to delve into their own peer and community networks to build an understanding of the lived experience of peers throughout the world.

Building bridges and growing our empathy one new friend at a time.

Putting to rest the fake news and dumb views bombarding our feeds.



This is an opportunity for young cultural leaders under 30 years of age, who are looking to take their producing skills to the next level.

Backbone Festival is a tight-knit team who will work all year with Backbone Staff in the lead up to Backbone Festival FAKE NEWS/DUMB VIEWS in November 2019.

These are volunteer roles with a high engagement rate, giving each team member responsive, hands-on training and development opportunities throughout 2019.

Backbone Festival FAKE NEWS/DUMB VIEWS will feature work from Open Source Residents, the Backbone Ensemble as well as a delegation of international artists from United Kingdom, Mexico, Syria, Japan and more.

This is a great opportunity for people who wish to extend their skills in:

  • Producing

  • Marketing and PR

  • Development and Sponsorships

  • Technical Production

  • Site Design

  • Festival and Event Management

If you’d like to know more information about how you can work with Backbone, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

To apply, complete the below form. Applications close December 31 at midnight.

Interviews will take place in early January, and all applicants will be notified outcomes by January 31.


2018 Festival


Backbone Festival: HOW SOON IS NOW took over our venue for the month of October in 2018. Transforming every nook, cranny, the car park below us, and the sky above us. A team of 4 young producers worked with Backbone Staff throughout 2018 to bring this festival to life.

Backbone Festival is a re-envisaging of 2High Festival. Some of Australia’s top cultural leaders had their start at this festival, and still credit their work with Backbone as the strong foundation that allowed them to continue building their practice.

Without Backbone, I would not be where I am today. Backbone still remains a vital part of the arts ecology in Queensland. It has always championed young people and young artists and arts workers and has given them a safe, supportive, and creative space to learn and refine their arts practice.
— Kate Fell, Executive Producer of Public Engagement and Learning at QPAC